Namibia National Anthem For Students

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Namibia, Land of the Brave” is the National Anthem of Namibia, adopted in December 1991. It was written by Axali Doëseb, who was the director of a traditional music group from the Kalahari desert. Doëseb was chosen to write it after winning a contest held after Namibia became independent in 1990.

Below we have provided the National Anthem of Namibia for the students regarding educational purpose.

National Anthem of Namibia Information:

Lyricist Axali Doëseb
Music Axali Doëseb
Adopted December 1991
Official Language English

Namibia National Anthem in English:

Land of the Brave

Namibia land of the brave

Freedom fight we have won

Glory to their bravery

Whose blood waters our freedom

We give our love and loyalty

Together in unity

Contrasting beautiful Namibia

Namibia our country

Beloved land of savannahs

Hold high the banner of liberty,


Namibia our Country

Namibia Motherland

We love thee

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