The Oldest House in Montana Is More Than 160 Year Old

The history of a place says a lot about why things are the way they are today. If you look at the oldest architecture, the oldest traditions, the oldest works of art, you will reveal the foundation of thinking and the way things are. In this case, we’re looking at the oldest house in Montana. Through it, we’ll learn about the culture and legends of the area.

What is the Oldest House in Montana?

The oldest house in Montana has its roots in for two reasons: to serve as accommodation for family owners and to provide a hostel for weary travelers. This house is called Robber’s Roost. The inn is located within the boundaries of Daly Ranch, a popular landmark now in the territory. The inn served its purpose during the gold rush between Bannack and Alder Gulch. Many visitors have stayed here for many years, enjoying the relative safety and provision of such an establishment at the time.

Where is the Oldest House in Montana Located?

Located along Ramshorn Creek near Alder Gulch, Montana, Robber’s Roost resides in Daly’s Ranch. The house and ranch is located in Madison County, near the City of Montana. Today, the property is accessible via Robber’s Roost Road, which connects to the Vigilante Trail, which leads to Interstate 15. Robber’s Roost is located halfway between Laurin and Sheridan.

The History and Legend of Robber’s Roost

The History

Located in the heart of Montana, Peter Daly built a small building out of wood. timber in 1863 The building was intended to be both a residence and a place of business, hosting visitors looking to cash in on the Alder Gulch Gold Rush. The farm, known as Daly’s Ranch, quickly became a household phrase and landmark for locals. Meals, shelter, and security were abundant for those seeking refuge in the midst of the Wild West.

By 1867, Daly had replaced the original building with the present one located close by. Montana City, Montana. The replacement came as the need for expansion grew, thanks to the success of the original dorm. The new wooden building was made from logs harvested locally from Sheridan’s Gammell Sawmill.

In just eight years, the gold camps had dwindled as the gold was depleted and the peoples occupied. exploration has moved elsewhere. By this time, the Territory Capital had left Virginia City for Helena, and the travelers had gone with him.

Though numbers dwindled, Daly continued to run the house. hostel, although now a social center, some have called it “dodgy”. Eventually, the inn closed during the National Prohibition Act, no longer able to serve its main customers what they wanted.

The Legend

In the 1930s, The inn got a new nickname, Robber’s Roost, around the time federal agents shut it down. The new name comes from legend: Sheriff Henry Plummer and Montana’s notorious criminal gang, the Innocents. The gang is thought to be run by the sheriff and they spend their time spying on passengers between Virginia City and Bannock.

Easy targets, such as partying gold miners, have fallen victim to it is believed that Daly, although not a member of Innocents, knew about their activities and turn a blind eye. In the end, most of the gang members are said to have been killed by Vigilantes in 1864.

All these alleged criminal activities – especially those of these heist tourists – led to the legend and name of the two-story wooden building.

Can You Visit Robber’s Roost Today?

Since 1999, Robber’s Roost has been open to the public. You can take a self-guided walking tour of the grounds, visiting the remaining buildings of Daly’s Ranch, especially the oldest house in Montana.

This site is open all around. year and there is no entrance fee.’ obligatory. The property is located on flat land and is therefore wheelchair accessible.

What Else of Interest is Near the Oldest House in Montana?

You likely won’t make a whole day of your visit to Robber’s Roost, but there’s plenty of other excitement to be had in Madison County.

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