ICAR AIEEA 2022 Preparation Tips – How to Crack ICAR AIEEA Exam?

ICAR AIEEA Preparation Tips 2022: ICAR AIEEA 2022 Mock test has been released. ICAR 2022 AIEEA Preparation Councils help candidates to qualify for the ICAR AIEEA exam. The Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) is the authority that organizes the India entrance exam (AIEEA). It is a national entrance exam that is organized to offer admission to undergraduate and graduate programs.

AIEEA UG is conducted for undergraduate programs in agriculture other than veterinary science, and AIEEA PG is organized for master’s programs offered by agricultural universities in India. From this article, candidates will get ICAR AIEEA 2022 preparation tips.

ICAR 2022 AIEEA Preparation Tips:

Time Management
Topic-wise Study
Practice & Revision
Study Material
Marking Scheme
Be Healthy

Management of Time:

Do your study program and make sure you have allocated the same time for all subjects. Play a very important role in preparing for any exam. If you have planned your schedule effectively, you’ll certainly reach your goal. You’ll conjointly give more time to your subject weaker

A study by subject:

It is important to study all subjects by subject. Stay focused on the subject that wants more time and work. Go to a topic study by topic and try to find tips for solving queries. Always learn short tips as they’re very helpful for the exam.

Practice and review:

Revisiting and practicing subjects is an important part of the preparation. The more you practice, the higher your chances of deciphering the exam. Then apply what you have studied regularly. The magazine is the best way to remember things you have already studied. Do a review just after finishing a topic. Always try to take short notes for the exam.

Study Material:

You can take brief daily notes that you have studied. Write all the formulas on a separate page or copy. you should follow your program books with some reference books. It’s recommended that candidates study at their convenience, for example, 5-6 hours or more and less. Study according to the model of the exam and the program of studies.


Rating system:

Applicants are always encouraged to be aware of the scoring system. You must take into account the rating criteria; it’ll help you get good grades and within the allotted time. You’ll also build a strategy on the topics that need to be covered in detail according to your rating system.

To be Healthy:

Adopt a healthy diet and do not suffer stress. If you have a healthy diet, solely you’ll study with a fresh mind. Sleep well and try to urge up early in the morning to study.

Recommended Books for ICAR AIEEA 2022:

Applicants who will participate in the upcoming ICAR AIEEA 2022 Examination can refer to these books mentioned below. Important books for the preparation of the entrance exam are as follows;

Sr. No. Books Name Links
1 NTA-ICAR: AIEEA-UG Entrance Exam Guide Click Here
2 NTA-ICAR: AIEEA-PG Entrance Exam Guide 2022 D.R.B.B.Singh With Kalyan Free Click Here
3 Ready Reckoner for ICAR-AIEEA (UG): All India Entrance Exam for Admission (Under Graduation) (PB) Click Here
4 BSc Agriculture for ICAR AIEEA UG Exam Click Here 
5 NTA ICAR AIEEA-UG Guide In English With kalyan Free Click Here 


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