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İstiklal Marşı” (‘Independence March’) is the National Anthem of Turkey which was officially adopted on 12 March 1921 —two-and-a-half years before the 29 October 1923 establishment of the nation— both as a motivational musical saga for the troops fighting in the Turkish War of Independence, and as an aspirational anthem for a Republic that was yet to be established.

Below we have provided the National Anthem of Turkey for the students regarding educational purpose.

National Anthem of Turkey Information:

Lyricist Mehmet Akif Ersoy
Music Osman Zeki Üngör, Edgar Manas
Adopted 12 March 1921
Official Language Turkish

Turkey National Anthem in Turkish:

،قورقما سونمز بو شفقلرده یوزن آل سنجاق
،سونمه‌دن یوردمڭ اوستنده توتن اڭ صوڭ اوجاق
.اوبنم ملتمڭ ییلدیزیدر پارلایاجق
.اوبنمدر اوبنم ملتمڭدر آنجاق
،چاتما قربان اولایم چهره ڭی ای نازلی هلال
،قهرمان عرقمه بر گول نه بو شدت بو جلال
،سڭا الماز دوكولن قانلرمز صوڭره حلال
!حقیدر حقه طاپان ملتمڭ استقلال
،بن ازلدن بریدر حر یاشادم حر یاشارم
،هانگی چیلغین بڭا زنجیر اوره جقمش شاشارم
،كوكره مش سیل كبی‌یم بندمی چیگنر آشارم
.ییرتارم طاغلری انگینلره صیغمام طاشارم
،غربڭ آفاقنی صارمشسه چلیك زرهلی دیوار
،بنم ایمان طولی كوكوسم كبی سرحدم وار
،اولوسون قورقما نصل بویله بر ایمانی بوغار
.مدنیت دیدیگن تك دیشی قالمش جانوار
،آرقاداش يودمى آلچاقلری اوغراتما صاقین
،سپر ايت كوده ڭی دورسون بو حیاسزجه آقین
،طوغاجقدرسگا وعد ایتدیڭی كونلر حقڭ
.كیم بیلیر بلكی یارین بلكی یاریندنده یاقین
،باصدیغڭ یرلری طوپراق دییه رك گچمه طانی
،دوشون آلتنده كی بیڭلرجه كفنسز یاتانی
،سن شهید اوغلیسڭ اینجیتمه یازیقدر آتاڭی
.ویرمه دنیالری آلسه ڭده بو جنت وطنی
،كیم بو جنت وطنڭ اوغرینه اولمازكه فدا
،شهدا فیشقیراجق طوپراغی صیقسه ڭ شهدا
،جانی جانانی بوتون واریمی آلسین ده خدا
.ایتمه سین تك وطنمدن بنی دنیاده جدا
،روحمڭ سندن الهی شودر آنجاق املی
،دكمه سین معبدمڭ كوكسنه نامحرم الی
،بو اذان لر كه شهادتلری دینڭ اتملی
.ابدی یوردمڭ اوستنده بنم ایگلملی
،او زمان وجد ایله بیڭ سجده ایدر وارسه طاشم
،هرجریحه مدن الهی بوشانور قانلی یاشیم
،فیشقیریر روح مجرد گبی یردن نعشیم
.او زمان یوكسله رك عرشه ده گر بلكی باشم
،دالقالان سن ده شفقلر كبی ای شانلی هلال
،ولسون آرتق دكولن قانلرمڭ هپسی حلال
،ابديا سڭا یوق عرقمه یوق اضمحلال
،حقیدر حر یاشامش بایراغمڭ حریت
.حقیدر حقه طاپان ملتمڭ استقلال

Turkey National Anthem in English:

Fear not; For the crimson banner that proudly ripples in this glorious dawn, shall not fade,
Before the last fiery hearth that is ablaze within my homeland is extinguished.
For that is the star of my people, and it will forever shine;
It is mine; and solely belongs to my valiant nation.
Frown not, I beseech you, oh thou coy crescent!
Smile upon my heroic nation! Why the anger, why the rage?
Our blood which we shed for you shall not be worthy otherwise;
For freedom is the absolute right of my God-worshipping5 nation!
I have been free since the beginning and forever shall be so.
What madman shall put me in chains! I defy the very idea!
I’m like the roaring flood; trampling my banks and overcoming my body,
I’ll tear apart mountains, exceed the Expanses and still gush out!
The horizons of the West may be bound with walls of steel,
But my borders are guarded by the mighty bosom of a believer.
Let it bellow out, do not be afraid! And think: how can this fiery faith ever be extinguished,
By that battered, single-fanged monster you call “civilization”?
My friend! Leave not my homeland to the hands of villainous men!
Render your chest as armour and your body as bulwark! Halt this disgraceful assault!
For soon shall come the joyous days of divine promise;
Who knows? Perhaps tomorrow? Perhaps even sooner!
View not the soil you tread on as mere earth – recognize it!
And think about the shroudless thousands who lie so nobly beneath you.
You’re the glorious son of a martyr – take shame, grieve not your ancestors!
Unhand not, even when you’re promised worlds, this heavenly homeland.
Who would not sacrifice their life for this paradise of a country?
Martyrs would burst forth should one simply squeeze the soil! Martyrs!
May God take my life, my loved ones, and all possessions from me if He will,
But let Him not deprive me of my one true homeland in the world.
Oh glorious God, the sole wish of my pain-stricken heart is that,
No heathen’s hand should ever touch the bosom of my sacred Temples.
These adhans and their testimonies are the foundations of my religion,
And may their noble sound prevail thunderously across my eternal homeland.
For only then, shall my fatigued tombstone, if there is one, prostrate a thousand times in ecstasy,
And tears of blood shall, oh Lord, spill out from my every wound,
And my lifeless body shall burst forth from the earth like an eternal spirit,
Perhaps only then, shall I peacefully ascend and at long last reach the heavens.
So ripple and wave like the bright dawning sky, oh thou glorious crescent,
So that our every last drop of blood may finally be blessed and worthy!
Neither you nor my kin shall ever be extinguished!
For freedom is the absolute right of my ever-free flag;
For independence is the absolute right of my God-worshipping nation!

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