Indonesia National Anthem for Students

Indonesia Raya” (English: Great Indonesia) is the National Anthem of Indonesia. It has been the national anthem since the proclamation of Indonesian independence on 17 August 1945. The song was introduced by its composer, Wage Rudolf Supratman, on 28 October 1928 during the Second Indonesian Youth Congress in Batavia.

Below we have provided the National Anthem of Indonesia for the students regarding educational purpose.

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National Anthem of Indonesia Information:

Lyricist Wage Rudolf Supratman
Music Wage Rudolf Supratman
Adopted 17 August 1945
Official Language Indonesian

Indonesia National Anthem in Indonesian:

Indonesia, tanah airku
Tanah tumpah darahku
Di sanalah aku berdiri
Jadi pandu ibuku

Indonesia, kebangsaanku
Bangsa dan tanah airku,
Marilah kita berseru
Indonesia bersatu!

Hiduplah tanahku, hiduplah negeriku
Bangsaku, rakyatku, semuanya
Bangunlah jiwanya, bangunlah badannya
Untuk Indonesia Raya

Indonesia Raya, merdeka! Merdeka!
Tanahku, negeriku yang kucinta
Indonesia Raya, merdeka! Merdeka!
Hiduplah Indonesia Raya!

Indonesia, tanah yang mulia
Tanah kita yang kaya
Di sanalah aku berdiri,
Untuk selama-lamanya

Indonesia, tanah pusaka
Pusaka kita semuanya
Marilah kita mendoa
“Indonesia bahagia!”

Suburlah tanahnya, suburlah jiwanya
Bangsanya, rakyatnya, semuanya
Sadarlah hatinya, sadarlah budinya
Untuk Indonesia Raya

Indonesia Raya…

Indonesia, tanah yang suci
Tanah kita yang sakti
Di sanalah aku berdiri
Menjaga ibu sejati

Indonesia, tanah berseri
Tanah yang aku sayangi
Marilah kita berjanji
“Indonesia abadi!”

Selamatlah rakyatnya, selamatlah putranya
Pulaunya, lautnya, semuanya
Majulah negerinya, majulah pandunya
Untuk Indonesia Raya

Indonesia Raya…

Indonesia National Anthem in English:

Indonesia, cherished land!
‘Tis for thee we shed our blood,
On guard for thee we stand,
In thee we put our trust

Indonesians, our people!
Each other we do uphold,
In declaration wholesale:
To each other be true!

Let her valiant people and her pure lands,
Let her mighty peaks and prodigious sands,
In body, in spirit, let them all arise,
For Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia the Great, be free! Be free!
These isles of ours beloved dearly!
Indonesia the Great, be free! Be free!
For Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia, land sublime,
Fore’er bountiful and free,
Where our roots we shall plant,
For millenia to stand

Indonesia, land of inher’tance,
Entrusted to us all,
For one thing we do ask,
Strengthened be our esperance!

Fertile are her fields, holy her soul
From Sabang to Merauke, hear the call!
With hearts awakened, with goodwill served,
For Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia the Great…

Indonesia, land so pure,
A land mighty with resolve,
To thee we pledge allegiance,
Our sole unending love

Indonesia, resplendent land,
Patriot love in us command,
Foremost in our hearts and minds,
Indonesia, fore’er to stand!

May her people, her land, may her peaks and her sands,
From sea to seas, in peace be,
May they all then advance, may they all then commence,
For Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia the Great…