Vermont State Song For Students

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Vermont State Song Vermont is a state in the northeastern United States, known for its natural landscape, which is primarily forested. Part of the New England region, it’s also known for being home to more than 100 19th-century covered wooden bridges, and as a major producer of maple syrup. Thousands of acres of mountain terrain are crossed by hiking trails and skiing slopes.
Below we have provided the State Anthem of Vermont for the students regarding educational purpose.

Vermont Song Information:

Song Title Hail, Vermont
Written by Josephine H. Perry
Music by Josephine H. Perry
State Name Vermont

Vermont Song Lyrics:

Hail to Vermont!
Lovely Vermont!
Hail to Vermont so fearless!
Sing we a song!
Sing loud and long!
To our little state so peerless!
Green are her hills, Clear are her rills.
Fair are her lakes, and rivers and valleys;
Blue are her skies, Peaceful she lies,
But when roused to a call she speedily rallies
Hail to Vermont! Dear old Vermont!
Our love for you is so great.
We cherish your name,
We laud! We acclaim!
Our own Green Mountain State.Proud of Vermont. Lovely Vermont,
Proud of her charm and her beauty;
Proud of her name, Proud of her fame,
We’re proud of her sense of duty;
Proud of her past. Proud first and last.
Proud of her lands and proud of her waters.
Her men are true. Her women, too.
We’re proud of her sons
and proud of her daughters
Hail to Vermont! Dear old Vemont!
Our love for you is great.
We cherish your name,
We laud! We acclaim!
Our own Green Mountain State.