UGC NET 2021 Mock Test (Releasing Soon) – Check Here

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UGC NET Mock Test 2021 will be Releasing Soon. Candidates can take the UGC NET mock test by clicking on the link below. By taking the UGC NET 2021 mock test, candidates can practise various queries which will ultimately help them increase their speed and build accuracy.

Not solely this, but the aspirants will now practice the UGC NET Mock Test 2021 by simply downloading an application created by the NTA. Besides the mock test, candidates should conjointly practise as many UGC NET queries papers (previous years) and sample papers that is highly beneficial.

Benefits of UGC NET Mock Test 2021:

Helps in building confidence and brings clarity in terms of answering/solving queries.
Candidates get access to a vast question bank and get to practise a variety of queries.
Self analysis will be done while taking answering queries in a mock test.
Learn different ways of answering/solving a question.
In addition to the UGC NET mock test, candidates conjointly get to understand the test pattern, marking scheme and the nature of queries if they also practise from UGC NET Mock Test.
Candidates conjointly get to understand and get used to the features and functionality of the mock test, that prepares them for the real exam, as the actual computer based test has the same features and functionality.
Candidates can learn to answer all queries of Paper I on 1 hour and paper II in 2 hours. Thus, this can help on the examination day.

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UGC NET Question Papers 2021:

The question papers of UGC NET help candidates understand what type of queries are available in the examination. Practising the UGC NET previous years question papers and sample papers help candidates master the art of solving/answering queries, that otherwise may seem to be a tough task. UGC NET sample papers are similar to the queries that are available in the actual exam.


NTA UGC NET Mock Test 2021 for various Subjects:

It should be noted that the mock by NTA may be a free on-line practice test for UGC NET paper and candidates can take the mock test for various subjects – UGC NET on-line mock test for English, UGC NET Mock Test Commerce, UGC NET mock test in Hindi, UGC NET mock test economics, etc.

How to take UGC NET Mock Test 2021:

Step 1:
Click on the mock test link above.
Select UGC NET from the drop down and Paper I or your respective subject out of the list of 80 subjects available within the mock test.
Click on start mock test button.

Step 2:
A new instructions page can open.
Use all the instructions rigorously to understand the functionality and features of the mock test inside.
Click on Proceed button to move to the next page.

Step 3:
Candidates are going to be redirected to the subsequent page whereby they’ll begin answering the queries.
Candidates have the option to move on to or switch to any question they require from the queries box on the right hand side.
Users will make use of options like Save and Next, Save and Mark for Review, Clear Response and Mark for Review and Next. These options are available on the bottom of the page.
Use the back or Next button on the bottom to move to the next page or go back to the previous one.
Choose one correct answer option out of the 4 available and move on to answer the next question.
Do not click on the Submit button, as it would be the last option to opt for once you’re done with the mock test.
The time being taken by you will constantly continue to run (on top right of the page) and you’ll be able to keep a track on how much time are your taking to answer a particular question.

Step 4:
Once the mock test is complete, you’ll be able to use the button “Submit” which is able to take you to the next page of exam summary.

Step 5:
If you want to submit the final marking, click on yes button or else click on No button.
If you click on yes button, the subsequent page (as shown within the image) can open with complete summary of your answered, unanswered queries, answer options against the queries and your result of on-line UGC NET Mock Test.

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Thank you for your interest
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