New York State Song For Students

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New York State Song New York is a state in the northeastern U.S., known for New York City and towering Niagara Falls. NYC’s island of Manhattan is home to the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park. The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan with the borough of Brooklyn. The iconic Statue of Liberty stands in New York Harbor. To the east, Long Island has beaches, the Montauk Lighthouse, the ritzy Hamptons and Fire Island.

Below we have provided the State Anthem of New York for the students regarding educational purpose.

New York Song Information:

Song Title I Love New York
Written by Steve Karmen
Composed by Steve Karmen
State Name New York

New York Song:

I Love New York
(repeat 3 times)There isn’t another like it.
No matter where you go.
And nobody can compare it.
It’s win and place and show.
New York is special.
New York is diff’rent’ cause there’s no place else
on earth quite like New York and that’s why I Love New York.
(repeat 3 times)

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