Lesotho National Anthem for Students

Lesōthō Fatše La Bo-Ntat’a Rōna” (“Lesotho, Land of Our Fathers”) is National Anthem of Lesotho. The lyrics were written by François Coillard, a French missionary, and the music is taken from an 1820 hymnal composed by Ferdinand-Samuel Laur. It has been used as the national anthem since the 1960s. The original composition the national anthem was based on had four verses though only the first and last ones ended up being adopted.

Below we have provided the National Anthem of Lesotho for the students regarding educational purpose.

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National Anthem of Lesotho Information:

Lyricist J.P. Mohapeloa
Music Ferdinand Samuel Laur
Adopted 1966
Official Language
Sesotho and English

Lesotho National Anthem in Sesotho:

Lesotho fatshe la bo-ntata rona;
Hara mafatshe ohle le letle ke lona;
Ke moo re hlahileng,
Ke moo re holileng,
Rea le rata,
Molimo aku boloke Lesotho
U felise lintoa le matsoenyeho;
Oho fatse lena;
La bo-ntata rona;
Le be le khotso.

Lesotho National Anthem in English:

Lesotho, land of our Fathers,
Among the lands it is the most beautiful.
It is where we were born,
It is where we grew up–
We love it.
God, please protect Lesotho.
Spare it conflict, and tribulation–
Oh, this land,
Land of our Fathers,
May it have the peace.