Inventions and Technology of Ancient Egypt

One of the earliest civilizations to emerge in antiquity was that of the Ancient Egyptians. Many civilizations in the future were influenced by their innovations and technologies. Their advanced technology allowed them to create elaborate structures like pyramids and palaces, as well as straightforward mechanisms like ramps and levers and a sophisticated political and religious structure.


Writing was one of the most significant innovations made by the ancient Egyptians. They used hieroglyphic writing. Hieroglyphics can be found out more about here. Writing enabled the Egyptians to maintain control over their vast kingdom and keep precise records.

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Papyrus Sheets

The papyrus plant was used by the Egyptians to create sturdy parchment sheets. Religious texts and significant documents were both employed in it. In order to sell the parchment to other civilizations, such as Ancient Greece, the Egyptians kept the method for producing the sheets a secret.


The medical treatments used by the ancient Egyptians were extremely diverse. Some of their medications were really peculiar. For instance, they treated eye illnesses using honey and human brains. Additionally, they employed a full, cooked mouse as a cough remedy. Many of their medications came with spells to ward off the bad spirits that were causing the patient’s illness.


Building ships was a significant component of Egyptian technology since the Nile River played a significant role in their way of life. They began by making small boats out of papyrus reeds but subsequently started making big ships from of cedar wood that was brought in from Lebanon.


To construct the pyramids and other monumental structures, the Egyptians need a solid command of geometry and mathematics. In order to keep track of business transactions, they also used math and numbers. They employed the decimal system for numbers. They didn’t have zero or the numbers 2 through 9. For factors of ten, they only had numbers like 1, 10, 100, etc. They would jot down three 1s in order to write the number 3. They would enter four 10s to represent the number 40.


Egyptians of all genders wore makeup. They used soot and other minerals to create kohl, a dark eye makeup. In addition to becoming a fashion statement, the cosmetics shielded their skin from the scorching desert sun.


The Egyptians had a lot of dental issues since their bread contained a lot of grit and sand. To take better care of their teeth, they created the toothbrush and toothpaste. They made toothpaste from a wide range of materials, including as ashes, eggshells, and even pulverized cow hooves.

Fun information about Egyptian inventions

The wheel was not used by the Ancient Egyptians until it was brought to them by chariot-riding foreign invaders.

The Greek term for the papyrus plant is where the word “paper” originates.

Egyptians used a depiction of a god with his arms uplifted as their symbol for the number one million.

They created a game that involved trying to roll a ball into a hole similar to bowling.

They developed huge keyed door locks. The length of some of the keys reached two feet.