Goldfish | Care, Breeding, Tank Setup

Goldfish are one of the most popular fish to keep as pets in aquariums, fish bowls, or small ponds. They are actually the most popular pet in the United States. The scientific or species name of the goldfish is Carassius auratus. They come from the family and order of carp.

How big can a Goldfish get?

Goldfish can vary in size depending on the type of goldfish and their environment. Some goldfish have been known to grow up to 2 feet long and weigh almost 10 pounds. However, it is a rare goldfish. If you have your fish in an aquarium, don’t expect it to be much larger than a few inches in length.

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What do Goldfish look like?

There are many types or varieties of goldfish. They can vary in size, color and shape. Many are orange-yellow, but some are greyish-white with orange spots (like comet goldfish) and some have black or olive green spots. There are fancy goldfish, like the Jikin, that have tails like butterflies or peacocks. Egg goldfish have a more rounded, egg-like shape. A type of goldfish, the bubble-eyed goldfish, has large, sparkling eyes that protrude from its head. Pretty cool!

How long do Goldfish live?

A properly cared for goldfish in the perfect environment can live for many years. There are cases of goldfish that live more than 40 years. However, this type of longevity is rare and many goldfish in aquariums will live for 6-8 years with proper care.

Where do Goldfish live?

Goldfish are freshwater fish and prefer to live in water between 50F and 76F. Many goldfish live in aquariums and small indoor ponds, but some live in the wild. In the wild, they live in slow-flowing rivers, lakes and ponds. They like to eat plants and insects when living in the wild. When living in an aquarium, they like a lot of space. At least 10 gallons of water per fish, but the more space the better, as it gives them more oxygen than they get out of the water.

Where do Goldfish come from?

Goldfish originated in China. During the Tang and Song dynasties, fish were bred for their yellow color. After that, goldfish became popular in Japan, where many new varieties were introduced. They were brought to the United States in the late 1800s.

How smart are Goldfish ?

Goldfish may be a little smarter than you think. Some goldfish can see and remember well enough to distinguish between people. They usually pay attention to their daily feeders and will be very excited to see them. There have been cases of goldfish being trained to perform tricks like swimming through mazes, swimming through hoops or even pushing the ball over the net.