Essay On Dussehra for Students in English

Dussehra Essay: Dussehra is a major celebration celebrated by individuals of the Hindu religion and is viewed as one of the large celebrations. All through the nation, individuals observe Dussehra with incredible energy and devotion. Everybody enthusiastically hangs tight for this celebration. In certain districts of India, Dussehra is otherwise called Vijayadashmi.

This celebration makes them instruct, or we can say that this celebration is about the ‘triumph of good over evil’. This celebration has its significance and connotes the triumph of the force of good over the force of malevolence. The essential result of this celebration is each time truth prevails upon lies, great successes over fiendishness, and light win over dim. Consequently, individuals’ convictions on this celebration might vary, however they celebrate it with a similar pith all through the country.

When is Dusshera Celebrated?

According to the Hindu schedule, this celebration is commended in the period of Ashvin. Dussehra comes during the long stretch of September-October. It is praised with incredible ceremony and show. Dussehra is praised contrastingly in various pieces of the country. It is the celebration of greatness and magnificence. The celebration represents the victory of good over evil.

How Do People Celebrate Dusshera?

Individuals all around the nation praise this celebration with full fervor, satisfaction, and energy. The various societies present all around the nation didn’t influence its festivals. The soul in individuals continues as before all through the country.

Dussehra is commended on the event of the triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana. Individuals used to order Slam Leela before Dussehra. Thusly, upon the arrival of Dussehra, individuals make the sculptures of Ravana and his siblings and consume them. This portrays the triumph of good over malicious, a major example to learn. This celebration is an image that makes sense of that great deeds will constantly beat fiendish deeds.

Mythological Background Behind Dusshera:

There is a legendary foundation behind this celebration. The occupants of the Earth and paradise were grieved and tormented by the famous evil spirit Mahishasur. Other glorious Divine beings were additionally terrified of him. The Goddess Durga was brought into the world from the fire on their sincere petition and solicitation.

Goddess Durga preceded the devil, “Mahishasur” as a portrayal of Shakti, or power and fortitude. Her excellence captivated the evil spirit, who was then killed by her. Paradise and Earth were feeling quite a bit better by his demise. Dussehra is commended to respect Goddess Durga’s dauntlessness.

In India, the festival of Dussehra happens for 10 days. Individuals celebrate dusshera as Navaratri in the northern area of India. Individuals love Goddess Durga and notice a nine-day quick.

They end their quick and gala sumptuously on the 10th day of the occasion. Indian individuals from various pieces of the state perform “Dandiya” or “Garba on this event. Likewise, they visit fairs and dress recently. They even offer desserts to their companions and family members.

Goddess Durga is remembered to leave for paradise on the 10th day, and individuals make devout gifts to her with crushing sadness prior to inviting her again the following year.

Contribution to the Community:

This stupendous celebration for ten days additionally contributes significantly to the nation’s economy. Such countless individuals are utilized during this celebration to make pandals, sculptures, symbols, and decorators. The nearby sweet shops, the neighborhood merchants, the clerics, and the theater individuals benefit from this celebration. The public authority additionally cleans the regions when the celebration.


Despite the fact that Dussehra is commended contrastingly in various pieces of the country, the normal topic is the triumph of good over evil. It is a vital and favorable celebration for the Hindus.




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