Essay on Durga Puja for Students in English

Durga Puja Essay: The happy time of India is reserved by the revering and festivity of Goddess Durga. It for the most part happens in the period of September-October. The whole country turns out to be more vivid and commends the reality of good’s success over evil.

Goddess Durga is viewed as the actual type of ‘Shakti’ or ‘All inclusive Energy‘. She was made by the Hindu Divine beings to demolish the famous evil presence ‘Mahisasura’. Individuals of India trust that a year will invite Goddess Durga and the most intriguing season of ten days. During this season, individuals of any age join their hands to commend the triumph of Maa Durga.

The meaning of this festival is high to the point that it has been selected as the UNESCO World’s Legacy Rundown for the year 2020. Durga Puja is considered as the need might arise to be on the guide with the goal that the whole world can track down its importance.

Brilliant pandals and shimmering lighting courses of action make each alcove and corner of the urban areas and rural areas shine. From the very beginning of Mahalaya, the day when Maa Durga was made by every one of the divine beings. Each god gave his piece of the power and talented annihilating weapons to make her stand against the oppression of Mahisasur. She has 10 hands with various things in all of them. Following ten days, the favorable Vijaya Dashami shows up when the jauntiness closes, making everybody miserable.

Maa Durga has various resurrections. She was the little girl of the strong Himalaya and Menka, the prime ‘apsara’ of Indralok or Paradise. She later turned into the spouse of Master Shiva. She was then resurrected as ‘Maa Durga’ to kill the famous devil. It was Master Rama who began the custom of Durga Puja to reserve his triumph over Ravana in the Satya Yuga. He satisfied Maa Durga and believed her should favor him with powers.

The various networks in West Bengal observe Durga Puja as the great celebration of the year. In numerous large authentic families, this puja is considered as the social paste when every one of the individuals aggregate in their genealogical houses. The puja incorporates numerous customs and accolades that make it truly difficult for somebody to do it single-handedly.

According to the old customs, the ceremonies go on for 5 days from ‘Shashti’ or the sixth day from Mahalaya till ‘Vijaya Dashami’. Many accept that the customs are planned and manufactured so that each relative needs to come and loan his hand to finish it and agreement is kept up with.

Durga Puja is additionally celebrated when Maa Durga gets back to her mom’s home. Each festival needs a symbol of this goddess that includes ten hands and her children and girls. Mahalaya is praised by the symbol creators by drawing eyes on the icons. This is called ‘Chokkhu Daan’. A banana plant is laid out on ‘Saptami’ next to Ruler Ganesha as his better half. On this day, each icon gets life as the ceremonies of ‘Pran Pratishthan’ are performed.

Different sorts of ceremonies are then performed ceaselessly for the following 4 days. People moves, aarti ceremonies, dhunuchi naach, and so on are performed by specialists or local people. The exceptional drums of Bengal thunder in each pandal persistently and we as a whole vibe the chill of this puja through our spines. The Dhunuchi Naach is performed where artists hold a mud pot containing consuming dried coconut skin, incense, and camphor. Individuals from all monetary states come to a similar spot to partake in the air of Maa Durga’s visit to her place. These five days are the most joyful days for each Bengali.

Celebrations Outside India:

The Durga puja isn’t a celebration that is simply bound to the nation of India, the celebration has its presence everywhere. The Hindu people group living in Bangladesh praises the Durga puja earnestly. Numerous Bengali Muslims likewise partake in the celebration. The popular Dhakeshwari Sanctuary arranged in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, draws in a colossal number of lovers and guests on the times of Durga puja. In Nepal, the celebration of Durga puja is commended for the sake of Dashain.

Past the Indian Subcontinent, Durga puja is additionally coordinated in the US of america by the Bengali people group living there. Bengali diaspora is spread the whole way across the world and any place they go they attempt to sort out the celebration of Durga Puja. Whether it will be in Hong Kong, Canada, even Japan, and furthermore in a few pieces of Europe. Bengali Hindu people group both from Bangladesh and West Bengal, India are behind the association of Durga puja all over the planet.

The More noteworthy Toronto Region, in Canada, has a colossal local area of Bengali Hindus. In the city Toronto, different Bengali social gatherings like Bangladesh Canada Hindu Social Society (B.C.C.H.S), Bongo Poribar Sociocultural Affiliation, and so on, book a great deal of settings for the festival of this celebration and the city likewise got a different sanctuary for the goddess Durga by the name of ‘Toronto Durgabari’.

Essay on Durga Puja – Short Essay:

Durga Puja is the greatest celebration of the Hindus. This celebration means the festival of the triumph of Mother Goddess Durga over the evil presence Mahishasura. This celebration addresses ‘Shakti’, and furthermore implies the success of good over evil. In this celebration, loved ones meet up to commend the function of pride, social qualities, and customs.

The celebration is seen by fasting for 10 days, while over the most recent four days – Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Vijaya Dashami. The puja is praised with much shimmer and satisfaction. This puja is commended all over India, particularly in West Bengal. Durga Puja is additionally celebrated globally.

In Durga Puja, each local area meets up to commend the success of good over the wickedness. Pandals are eased up with various hued lights and enhancements. Durag Puja is significantly celebrated in Kolkata.

During this time, the roads of Kolkata are overwhelmed with individuals, individuals bouncing starting with one pandal then onto the next. They wear new dresses, meet with families and companions, eat various sorts of desserts and dishes, dance to the beats of the ‘dhol’, and love Goddess Durga with full commitment. Giggling, satisfaction, shimmer in the eyes are found in these festivals. This is a finished delight to see the entire energy around.

In this manner, Durga Puja is for sure quite possibly of the greatest celebration in India which is even perceived by UNESCO. This celebration unites loved ones, schools and universities stay shut in Bengal to recognize the celebration here. Being in Bengal in this season of Durga Puja is a flat out joy, where you can see individuals praising and respecting the success of good over evil.


Durga pooja is a tremendous and mutual festival, where individuals celebrate and partake in the celebration of Durga puja to their full degree without the consideration for their rank and monetary status. Customary society dance and existing social exhibitions are an indistinguishable piece of this celebration.

The roads of Kolkata are filled to the edge with the lovers of Maa Durga, there are additionally numerous food slows down and shops. Not just Kolkata, or India or even the entire Indian sub-landmass, this celebration is commended from one side of the planet to the other. The celebration attempts to show the lovers that great generally prevails upon evil thus they ought to constantly follow the correct way.


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