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Doctor Essay: The noblest calling is of a specialist. They are given the height close to God in our general public. Specialists commit their lives in treating feeble patients. It is his obligation to treat and fix debilitated individuals. They serve humankind genuinely.

This is the most regarded work in the general public since specialists don’t oppress patients according to the religion, station and belief while treating them. This calling requests time, extreme work and occupied plans. Ordinarily they put their lives in danger while treating perilous illness. Patients also place their total confidence in the specialists.

Specialized Doctors:

The field of medicine is vast and so there are doctors specialized in these various fields. Doctors with such specialization includes:

Oncologist: Doctor who treats cancer patients

Dermatologist: Doctor specializes in treating skin and skin related diseases.

Pediatrician: Doctor specializes in treating children.

Cardiologist: Doctor deals with heart related problems.

Neurologist: This is a specialization where doctor treats problems related to nerves in our body

Gynecologist: it is a specialization in treating the health of female reproductive problems.

General Physician: They treat acute and chronic illness and provide preventive measures to the patients.

Psychiatrist: Psychiatrist treats mental health issues.

Apart from these specializations there are doctors for dental and animals also.

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Qualifications and Eligibility of a Doctor:

If you have any desire to turn into a specialist, you need to get the level of MBBS which is a five years in length course. To get induction into clinical schools, you need to breeze through the selection test called NEET after twelfth grade. To be qualified for this test, you ought to take up science subjects like Physical science, Science and Science in secondary school and in twelfth grade.

Following four and half long periods of MBBS study, you need to go through one year of temporary position and there you figure out how to analyze different illnesses essentially in various divisions. After finish of temporary job, you need to make a vow that you will constantly be moral in this calling and serve the humankind sacrificially.

Then you become a specialist. If you have any desire to seek after cutting edge examinations after MBBS then you need to concentrate on three years course of MD or MS in specific divisions.

Qualities of Being a Good Doctor:

The lives of the patients are in the hands of a doctor. So, it is very important that a doctor possesses the following qualities in order to correct diagnosis and treatment.

  • Compassion: A doctor has to be compassionate towards his patients. Patients respond well when doctors are empathetic to their needs and interact with them by exercising courtesy and compassion. 
  • Strong Work Ethic: Every day brings new challenges in this profession. So it is important for a doctor to have a very strong work ethic. This means dedicating oneself completely regardless of what is happening in his personal life. 
  • Professionalism: This quality is an unquestionable requirement for a specialist. Patients place their full confidence and trust in a specialist so a specialist should be proficient in their methodology like being mindful and paying attention to the necessities of the patient, a decent spectator, and having persistence to manage them.
  • Knowledge: A doctor should always update his medical knowledge with the latest medical news and trends so that he can use his knowledge and skill set at the moment’s notice.
  • Confidence: A good doctor should reinforce his knowledge with confidence. Only when a doctor is confident, he can give assurance to his patients.
  • Humility: It is important to be humble with the patients. A good doctor must be approachable and available whenever needed by his patients.
  • Passion: A good doctor must have the passion for his study and practice. Passion makes a doctor disciplined and he is willing to sacrifice anything for treating his patients.



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