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Chess Essay: Chess is a 64-square, 8X8-square checkerboard-based strategic board game that is played by two players. All of the fundamental details about the game and its significance have been highlighted in this chess essay to make it an engaging read.

The history of chess is also covered in this English essay on chess games. It is fascinating to note that when asked to write an essay about their favorite indoor game, people of all ages, including children, respond with “my favorite game chess.”

History of Chess:

Before the 7th century, the game of chess was derived from the game of “chaturanga,” which originated in India. During the ninth hundred years, Arabia and Persia prompted the rise of the game among the European nations. In Spain at the end of the 15th century, the queen’s and the bishop’s modern powers were set up. The current game’s rules were made uniform in the 19th century.

Chess’s Rules:

At the start of the game, each player has 16 pieces—specifically, eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen, and one king. The movement styles of various types of pieces vary. The queen holds the most power, while the pawns have the least.

The goal of the game is to place the opponent’s king in a position where it faces the possibility of being captured and unable to flee. In the process of encroaching on the territory held by the opponent’s king, the pieces are attacked and taken, resulting in a checkmate. A player loses a chess game when the game is declared checkmate, the game is timed out, or the player quits the game under certain circumstances.

The Crucial Role of Chess in the Development of Strategic Thinking:

The game of chess has numerous advantages, including the ability to improve one’s mental faculties and improve one’s ability to learn, think, and make sound decisions. Chess improves a player’s analytical skills and helps them develop better strategies for life as well as for playing the game. This also teaches a person the value of foresight in making plans and acting accordingly. Chess also improves one’s ability to communicate effectively and recognize patterns. Chess participation repeatedly teaches perseverance, patience, concentration, and hard work.

Life, according to some, is like playing chess. Because of the significance of the game discussed in this chess essay, it is a precise and significant study of the game.

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Major Chess Competitions:

FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) is the international governing body for chess. Additional members of the FIDE are the national chess organizations of numerous nations. The fact that the FIDE, an organization that is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), organizes its own Olympiad without including chess in the Olympic Games is an interesting fact. Every two years, the chess Olympiad is held as a team competition. The European Individual Chess Championship, the World Junior Chess Championship, and the National Chess Championships are all important competitions.

Titles and Ranks in Chess:

FIDE offers lifetime titles to players. Such titles are mentioned below:

  • Grandmaster (GM) or International Grandmaster (IGM)

  • International Master (IM)

  • FIDE Master (FM)

  • Candidate Master (CM)

All the above-mentioned titles are meant for both men and women. There are titles meant only for women like the title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM).

10 Lines on Chess:

  1. Chess is a globally played game in the class of indoor games.
  2. It is a game played between two players.
  3. Chess was known as ‘Chaturanga’ previously.
  4. Harsha Charit is a book that talks about chess.
  5. White and black are the two colored pieces in chess.
  6. Vishwanath is an Anand Chase player who competes on a global stage.
  7. Chess can likewise be played on a PC or portable.
  8. In the sixth century, people first played the game.
  9. This game provides mental and emotional stimulation.
  10. Two players play with one another simultaneously.

Short Essay on Chess:

Chess is a board game played by two people at a time that requires intelligence and strategic skills. The Indian ancestor of the game is called “chaturanga.” The following chess essay provides a brief overview of the game and its significance. For one to look at on the web my #1 game chess paper in English, this chess article will in general give exact subtleties.

Chess can gradually improve your brain, creativity, and concentration. Because of this, everyone ought to play this game frequently. This game might be a great way to spend your free time in a good way. It will give you mental exercise and keep you happy inside. This game is enjoyed by many as a hobby. I also enjoy playing chess and play it as a hobby frequently.

An Essay on My Favourite Game Chess:

Chess is a game that originated solely in India; an incredible recognition for Indian virtuoso. It was referred to as Chaturanga in ancient India, which referred to the four branches or diversions of the ancient Indian army: infantry, mounted force, elephants and chariots. The actual army was made up of those four divisions or limbs, which stood on either side of the king and his chief minister, Mantri/vazir.

The goal of chess is to eliminate the opponent’s pieces from their territory by making a strategic move that puts the opponent’s king in a position where it can’t escape and be declared checkmate. Chess helps a person develop better life strategies by strengthening their mental abilities. It ensures that the human mind continues to grow.

If you have a strong enough passion for the game, you can turn it into a professional career. It has been discovered that chess players are more spatially savvy than other people with similar intelligence levels. They also have a higher tolerance for frustration and greater physical endurance.

English chess essays summarize the game’s significance in a nutshell in this essay.



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