Entertainment and Games of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians engaged in a wide range of amusement activities. Like in most communities, the wealthy had more time for recreation, but even the peasants enjoyed festivities and games and wanted to have fun.


The Egyptians hunted not only for sustenance but also for recreation. Large game animals were occasionally brought inside a restricted space for wealthy nobles or perhaps the pharaoh to hunt. In this method, dangerous creatures like lions and hippos were hunted. Diverse tools, such as spears, arrows, and throwing sticks, were utilized by hunters.

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Game boards

For entertainment, the Ancient Egyptians enjoyed playing board games. Senet and Mehen were two of the most well-liked board games. Senet is a game that is considered to be older than 5000 years. In order to give them something to do in the hereafter, several pharaohs were buried with senet boards because they were so popular. On a round board with spaces in the form of coiling snakes, Mehen was played.


Sports and physical activity were other pastimes of the ancient Egyptians. Numerous sports activities assisted in preparing young men for combat. Rich and poor equally enjoyed wrestling, which was a well-liked pastime. Chariot racing helped chariot drivers refine their abilities, and archery competitions helped warriors become more accurate with their bow and arrows.


The majority of ancient Egyptians were illiterate. The Egyptians didn’t have any theater too until the Greeks conquered Egypt. The Egyptians, however, cherished storytelling. Popular tales about Egyptian gods, love, battle heroes, and adventures could hold an audience’s attention for hours. Oral stories were passed down from one generation to the next.


The Egyptians observed numerous holidays all year long. Numerous of these, like the festival of Thoth, were held in their honor. Special contributions and celebrations were part of festivals. The gods Amun, Mut, and Khonsu’s statues would parade from the Temple of Karnak to Luxor for the Opet Festival.

What did children enjoy doing?

In ancient Egypt, children were regarded as adults at a relatively young age. However, while they were still young, they enjoyed themselves by having fun and swimming in the Nile River. Children’s toys of different kinds, including rattles, toy lions, balls, and spinning tops, have been discovered by archaeologists.

Interesting Information about Games and Entertainment in Ancient Egypt

The majority of Egyptians lived close to the Nile River, thus they were skilled swimmers and loved a variety of water sports.

Rich nobles frequently hosted lavish gatherings with lots of food and entertainment, including musicians and dancers.

In order to make people smell nice during celebrations, perfume cones were placed on their hair.

The journey of the deceased to the afterlife is supposedly represented by the game of senet. The game’s name in Egyptian translates to “game of passing.”