Djibouti National Anthem For Students

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Djibouti” (Somali: Jabuuti, Afar: Gabuuti, Arabic: جيبوتي Jibuti ) is the National Anthem of Djibouti. The Djibouti national anthem was adopted upon independence from France in 1977. The words are in Somali, and were written by Aden Elmi. The melody was composed by Abdi Robleh.

Below we have provided the National Anthem of Djibouti, for the students regarding educational purpose.

National Anthem of Djibouti Information:

Lyricist Aden Elmi
Music Abdi Robleh
Adopted 1977
Official Language  Arabic and French

Djibouti National Anthem in Arabic:

تنشأ مع قوة! لقد أثرنا لعلمنا،
العلم الذي يكلفنا العزيز
مع النقيضين من العطش والألم.
لدينا علم، التي هي الألوان الخضراء الأبدية من الأرض،
زرقة السماء ، والأبيض، لون السلام؛
وفي وسط النجمة الحمراء من الدم.
يا علم لنا، ما له من منظر رائع!

Djibouti National Anthem in French:

Lève-toi avec force! Parce que nous avons hissé notre drapeau,
Le drapeau qui nous a coûté cher
Avec une soif et une douleur extrêmes.
Notre drapeau, dont les couleurs sont le vert éternel de la terre,
Le bleu du ciel et le blanc, la couleur de la paix;
Et dans le centre de l’étoile rouge de sang.
Oh notre drapeau, quel spectacle magnifique!

Djibouti National Anthem in English:

Arise with strength! For we have raised our flag,
The flag which has cost us dear
With extremes of thirst and pain.
Our flag, whose colours are the everlasting green of the earth,
The blue of the sky, and white, the colour of peace;
And in the centre the red star of blood.
Oh flag of ours, what a glorious sight!

Djibouti National Anthem in Afar:

Soolisnuh inkih solaa,
Simbiliiy kah ningicle
Bakaarat kah sugunne! (2)
Bulci kaak qaran sido.
Way gubi kak anxar lusa!
Cutukti caxte caydu
Qidi wagri silaalo!
Faylay heebati kumuu (4)

Djibouti National Anthem in Somali:

Hinjinne u sara kaca
Calankaan harraad iyo
Haydaar u mudateen!
Hir cagaarku qariyayiyo
Habkay samadu tahayoo
Xiddig dhi igleh hoorshoo
Caddaan lagu hadheeyaay.
Maxaa haybad kugu yaal.