Daily Life of Ancient Egyptian | Egyptian Food, Jobs, Daily Life

How did they dress?

To the Egyptians, maintaining one’s appearance and cleanliness was crucial. Men and women alike wore various types of jewelry. The wealthy wore gold and silver jewelry, while the less wealthy wore copper.

Also significant was makeup. Men and women both wore makeup. They used to travel with cosmetic cases. Eye paint was the primary makeup product utilized.

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The majority of folks wore white linen clothing due to the extreme heat. Women wore straight dresses, while males wore kilts. Patterned clothing would be worn by slaves and servants.

Where did they live?

In a community of mud homes roasted by the sun, the typical family resided. The homes were fairly modest in size and had few windows or furnishings. In the summer, when it was too hot indoors, folks would sleep on their flat rooftops.

What did they eat?

Bread was the main food item for the average person. Fruits, vegetables, lamb, and goats were all available as food. They frequently used clay plates and had clay furnaces for cooking. Beer brewed from barley was the primary beverage.

What kindsĀ of work did they do?

The complex culture of ancient Egypt required people to do a wide variety of duties and jobs. Among the jobs they held were:

Farmers made up the majority of the population. They raised wheat for bread, barley for beer, cucumbers and onions for veggies, and flax for linen. They planted their crops close to the Nile River’s banks because the rich, dark soil there was ideal for growing food.

Craftspeople – The jobs available for craftsmen ranged widely. Carpenters, weavers, jewelers, leather craftsmen, and potters were among them. A craftsman’s success would depend on how talented he was.

Soldiers: Joining the military offered the chance to advance in society. The majority of the troops were footmen. The Egyptian army had a clearly defined hierarchy. Soldiers would assist with government projects like hauling stone for a pyramid or constructing a canal during times of peace.

Scribes – As the only people in Ancient Egypt who could read and write, scribes were important figures. The intricate Egyptian hieroglyphics required years of instruction, and scribes typically came from privileged households.

Priests and Priestesses were in charge of maintaining the temples and conducting religious rituals.

Interesting Details on Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians’ teeth wore down because the bread they ate was so hard.

House interiors were frequently painted with natural landscapes or vibrant patterns.

In Ancient Egyptian civilization, women may assume significant professions, including high-ranking ones like priestesses, managers, and administrators. Some women attained the top positions in the nation. A female Pharaoh named Hatshepsut rose to become one of Egypt’s most formidable rulers.

The typical peasant girl got married when she was about 12 years old.

Most folks had daily showers, frequently in the Nile River.