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CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023: Application (Out Soon), Dates, Eligibility, Pattern, Syllabus

Latest Applications Open 2024:


The CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 entry form will be published soon. The CBSE Mathematics Olympiad, popularly known as the Central Secondary School Board Math Olympiad, is organized for all unified schools. Various organizations conduct Math Olympiads at the local, state, national, and international levels to develop, encourage, identify, and develop math talent in eligible students.

The governing body for the organization of the CBSE Mathematical Olympiad is the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), established in 1997. The authorities plan to hold contests at various centers around the country. However, the top 30 ranked students can participate in the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) organized by NBHM itself. National-level support enables students to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad if selected.

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For more information about CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 exam, paper samples, eligibility criteria, application form, application fee, results, etc., applicants are advised to read this article. However, the exact details can also be found on the official website.

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CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Notification: Application Soon

CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Application Form will be released soon. Click here to apply online. The Link will be provided here.

CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Important Dates

For more information on the application process, students are asked to review the following details:

Important Events Tentative dates
End Date of registration of students October 2023
Date of entrance exam December 2023

CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Application Process

For the details about the application process, students are requested to go through the below details.

  • Students do not need to complete a special application form.
  • However, participating school heads are responsible for collecting all data on students taking exams.
  • The Principal must then forward the details to the Board-appointed Country Coordinator.
  • Students are required to provide information such as the student’s name, father’s name, date of birth, school address, class, home address, overall grades obtained in previous and current classes.
  • Students must also pay the entrance fee set by the authorities.
  • Once all student details have been received, the principal must submit a student registration fee with all details to complete the registration process.

CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Application Fee

Payment of the 2023 CBSE Mathematics Olympiad registration fee is very important. This is because the student’s application will not be accepted without payment. Therefore, applicants can visit this section for information on filing fees.

Description Amount
Entry Fee Rs 55/-
  • Mode of Payment: Offline Mode (Demand Draft)
  • The student participation fee will be sent to the venue school by the principal of the host school.
  • Fees must be sent in the form of a draft request.
  • A draft application must be prepared for the benefit of the host school principal.

CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the 2023 CBSE Mathematics Olympiad are very important as applicants who do not meet the criteria will not be able to participate in the exam. Therefore, applicants can read the following section for information on eligibility criteria.

  • Nationality: To apply, you must be an Indian citizen.
  • Age: Students must meet the basic age requirements for the class.
  • Qualification: Only students studying any of subjects XII, XI, X or IX are eligible to apply for the exam.
  • Recognition: Students were required to continue their education on an accredited board such as the CBSE board.
  • The number of students: Only 5 of her students are eligible to participate in the competition sponsored by the school.
  • Selection: election of these five students should be based solely on selection tests organized by the school itself.

CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Exam Pattern

This section provides applicants with basic details about the 2023 CBSE Mathematics Olympiad entrance exam for reference.

  • Duration of Exam: Exam duration is 180 minutes (3 hours).
  • Exam Language: Students can only take exams in English as exams are conducted in English only.
  • Number of Questions: The exam consists of 6-7 total questions.

CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Syllabus

To prepare well for the Mathematics exam, students should refer to the below topics. However one should note that there is no specific syllabus decided for the exam and the below topics are just for the reference of the student.

  • Rational Numbers between Two Rational Numbers
  • Properties of Rational Number
  • Linear Equations in One Variable
  • Introduction to Linear Equations
  • Application of Linear Equations
  • Understanding Quadrilaterals
  • Polygons
  • Kinds of Quadrilaterals
  • Some Special Parallelograms
  • Practical Geometry
  • Construction of Quadrilaterals
  • Data Handling
  • Probability
  • Squares and Square Roots
  • Properties of Square Numbers
  • Finding Square and Square roots
  • Cubes and Cube Roots
  • Comparing Quantities
  • Percentage and Discount
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  • Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions
  • Visualizing Solid Shapes
  • Mensuration
  • Area of Quadrilaterals and Polygons
  • Surface Area of Solids
  • Volume of Solids
  • Exponents and Powers
  • Direct and Inverse Proportions
  • Factorization
  • Factors of Algebraic Expressions
  • Division of Algebraic Expressions
  • Introduction to Graphs
  • Linear Graphs
  • Playing with Numbers
  • General Form of Numbers
  • Tests of Divisibility

CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 Results

This section provides candidates with information about their exam results. Officials publish his CBSE Mathematics Olympiad 2023 results to applicants.

After the exam, the official marks the student’s answer sheet at his CBSE headquarters. And after evaluation, the authorities recommend a total of 30 students. Nominations are strictly in order of merit.

Only applicants designated by the agency will receive test results, and the rest of the applicants will not be able to see the results. Nominated students can participate in the National Mathematics Olympiad hosted by NBHM.