Bulgaria National Anthem For Students

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Mila Rodino” (“Мила Родино” [ˈmiɫɐ ˈrɔdino], translated as “Dear Motherland” or “Dear native land”) is the current national anthem of Bulgaria. It is based on the music and text of the song “Mila Rodino” by Tsvetan Radoslavov, written and composed as he left to fight in the Serbo-Bulgarian War in 1885.

Below we have provided the National Anthem of Bulgaria for the students regarding educational purpose.

National Anthem of Bulgaria Information:

Lyricist  Tsvetan Radoslavov
Music  Tsvetan Radoslavov
Adopted 1964
Composer  Tsvetan Radoslavov
Official Language

Bulgaria National Anthem in Bulgarian:

Горда стара планина,
до ней север се синей
Слънце Витош позлатява
към Цариград се белей.

Мила Родино,
ти си земен рай,
твойта хубост, твойта прелест,
ах, те нямат край.

Хайде братя българи,
към Балкана да вървим.
Там се готви бой юнашки,
за свобода, правдини.

Припев: Мила…

Bulgaria National Anthem in English:

Proud Stara Planina,
next to it the north sparkles,
the sun gilds Vitosha
towards Tsarigrad it shines white.

Dear Motherland,
you are heaven on earth,
your beauty, your loveliness,
ah, they are boundless.

Bulgarian brothers, let’s go
to the Balkan.
There a heroic battle is approaching,
for freedom, justice.

Refrain: Dear…