Benin National Anthem For Students

” The New Dawn ” (The Dawn of a New Day) is the national anthem of Benin. Written and composed by Father Gilbert Jean Dagnon, it was adopted upon independence from France in 1960.

Below we have provided the National Anthem of Benin for the students regarding educational purpose.

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National Anthem of Benin Information:

Lyricist Father Gilbert Jean Dagnon
Music Father Gilbert Jean Dagnon
Adopted July 30, 1960
Official Language French, ‎Fon, Yoruba

Benin National Anthem in French:

Formerly at his call, our ancestors without weakness
Have known with courage, ardor, full of joy
Deliver at the price of blood brilliant fights.
Come too, builders of the present,
Stronger in unity, every day at work,
For posterity, build tirelessly.


Children of Benin, stand up!
The freedom of a loud cry
Sing at the first light of dawn;
Children of Benin, stand up!
When everywhere a wind of anger and hatred blows.
Beninese, be proud, and of a serene soul,
Confident in the future, look at your flag!
In the green you will read the spirit of renewal,
Of your ancestors the red evokes courage;
Of the richest treasures, yellow is the omen.


Your sunny mountains, your palm trees, your greenery,
Dear Benin, everywhere make your lively adornment.
Your soil offers everyone the richness of fruit.
Benin, now that your sons, all united
With fraternal enthusiasm, share the hope of
seeing you forever happy in abundance.


Benin National Anthem in Fon:

Hein sin hwéxónú wè yôlô
Éyè ko sô akpakpa togbo miton
Lè bô yé ko djè godomin lobo
Kpankon bô vankan kpo xominhunhun kpán,
Boyi sozonou bô kandjo
Hon yanyi bi vanyan vanyan.


Benin tó vì le ​​mì, mi sity!
Oó mi sité b’á nyi mi désú.
Ayi dò hùnhon dayi
Djiwè mi bo fon.
Benin lidótétó din ton mi mi
Lo kan wézoun wá, mi sè takplé
Bó man só kanlan gbéo,
Ma mon gan do wa toyè zô,
Nou é nanyi ta bonou vivoù vivou miton
Lè kan nan wa mon gout ba doula.


Homin sin kpodo wangbènoumin
Djohon do yinyi wè ló kèlô
Fji tchobô benin vi,
Ma lin noué oo vòbo go bèlèo,
Ogo bonou noué ma gba ayi donouwéo
Ado kounon houn só winyan oo.


Benin National Anthem in English:

Formerly, at her call, our ancestors
Knew how to engage in mighty battles
With strength, courage, ardor, and full of joy, but at the price of blood.
Builders of present, you too, join forces
Each day for the task stronger in unity.
Build without ceasing for posterity.

Chorus :

Children of Benin , arise!
The resounding cry of freedom
Is heard at the first light of dawn,
Children of Benin, arise!

When all around there blows a wind of anger and hate :
Citizen of Benin be proud, and in a calm spirit
Trusting in the future, behold your flag !
In the green you read hope of spring;
The red means the courage of your ancestors;
The yellow foretells the greatest treasures.


Beloved Benin, your sunny mountains, palm trees, and green pastures
Show everywhere your brightness;
Your soil offers everyone the richest fruits.
Benin, from henceforth your sons are united
With one brotherly spirit sharing the hope of seeing you
Enjoy abundance and happiness forever.