Women’s Roles in Ancient Egypt

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Men and women often played separate roles in Ancient Egyptian culture. But unlike many prehistoric societies, women were treated equally before the law. Women may own property, operate businesses, and take out loans just like men.


Women did not learn to read or write since they did not work as scribes or in the administration. Their mother instructed them in household management and homemaking techniques.


Ancient Egyptian women married off at fairly young ages. generally between the ages of twelve and thirteen. The majority of Egyptian marriages were arranged by the two families, and there were rarely elaborate wedding celebrations.

Normal Roles

Women typically performed domestic duties. They took care of the kids while also preparing food, cooking meals, cleaning the house, and making clothes. Poor ladies would assist their husbands with farm labour. Richer ladies might oversee the maids or perhaps start their own business.

Making Meals

For the majority of peasant women, preparing food for the family was a full-time work. They would take care of the garden, make bread, grind grain into flour, and knead flour into dough.

Wealthy Women

Wealthy ladies would have hired maids to handle the majority of the cooking and housework. They would spend their time organizing elaborate meals and supervising the servants. Priestesses serving in a temple dedicated to one of the Egyptian deities occasionally came to be affluent or powerful women.

Goddesses and priestesses

The only women who would have been permitted to become priestesses were those from prominent and high-ranking families. Being a temple employee was regarded as an honor. The Egyptian religion had a number of strong female deities, such as the mother goddess Isis, the goddess of love and maternity Hathor, and the goddess of the sky Nut.

Others Jobs

Not all women followed the traditional duties of women or worked at home. This was acceptable in ancient Egyptian society. Clothing, perfume, and cosmetics are among the things sold by women-owned enterprises. Some women performed as musicians or dancers in the courts.

Leaders and Rulers

Women enjoyed the same legal rights as men, while having fewer opportunities. This occasionally made it possible for a woman to ascend all the way to the position of pharaoh. The two most well-known female pharaohs were Cleopatra VII and Hatshepsut.

Interesting Facts about Ancient Egyptian Women

In most cases, husbands and women were interred in the same tomb. The exception was the Pharaoh, who was typically buried apart from his wives.

The Ancient Egyptians placed a high value on family. Most males had just one wife, and both sexes were expected to remain faithful to their partner.

Long, airy linen dresses were worn by women. For eye and skin protection, they also wore jewelry and cosmetics.

Despite having equal legal rights, women were nonetheless viewed as less important than men in Ancient Egyptian society.

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