Food and Drink of Ancient Rome

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Ancient Romans consumed a wide range of meals. In the Roman Empire, a person’s diet was influenced by both their income and where they resided. To feed the huge populace in the imperial capital of Rome, food was brought from all across the empire.

How often did they eat meals?

In an average day, the Romans would eat three meals. Breakfast was referred to as the “ientaculum,” or first meal. It typically consisted of bread and sometimes some fruit and was consumed around daybreak. The “prandium” was the name of the subsequent meal (lunch). A very little lunch called the prandium was consumed around 11 AM. The “cena” was the main meal of the day. In the afternoon, it was consumed.

Typical Poor People’s Food

As one might anticipate, the poor in Rome did not consume the same cuisine as the affluent. The major staple of the underprivileged was a porridge known as “puls.” By combining ground wheat and water, puls was created. They may occasionally receive some fruit or veggies along with their puls. Poor people consumed very little meat.

Dinner gatherings

The rich had better food than the poor. They frequently hosted elaborate dinner parties with numerous dishes that lasted for hours. Fruit, eggs, vegetables, meats, seafood, and pastries would all be available.

Did they sit around a table?

The Romans sat around a small table on couches for their ceremonial meal parties. They would lie on their left arm and use their right hand to eat from the middle of the table. The Romans might stand or sit on a stool for less formal meals.

Did they eat with spoons and forks?

The spoon was the primary dining implement used by the Romans. They also frequently utilized their hands. They occasionally sliced or speared food using a knife or device like a fork.

Did they consume any odd foods?

Some of the things that the Romans of antiquity consumed today might seem odd to us. They occasionally consumed dishes at opulent banquets such stewed snails, roast peacock, and flamingo tongues. Dormice was possibly the oddest food they consumed. Dormice were occasionally served as appetizers and were regarded as a delicacy. According to a Roman recipe, the dormice were to be coated in poppy seeds and honey.

What did they drink?

Wine was the preferred beverage of the Romans. In order to make it drinkable for daily use.

Food and Drink in Ancient Rome: Interesting Facts

Rome’s government offered free or inexpensive grain to the underprivileged, known as a “grain dole.” Politicians tapped into this to win over the working class.

Romans adorned their meals with a variety of sauces. Garum, a fermented fish sauce, was the most widely used condiment.

Compared to other types of meat, fish was more prevalent. There were significant industries devoted to oyster farming since oysters were so well-liked.

In the Roman Empire, bread and cheese were typical staple foods in addition to the porridge puls.

Rich Romans frequently hosted dinner parties with performers like dancers, poets, and musicians.

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