Emperor Taizong | Biography, Conquests, Achievements

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Highlights of Emperor Taizong :

Occupation Emperor of China
Born January 28, 598 in Wugong, China
Died July 10, 649 in Cuiwei Palace, China
September 4, 626 to July 10, 649
known for  Ruled China during the Golden Age of the Tang Dynasty

Biography of Emperor Taizong:

One of the greatest rulers in Chinese history, according to many historians, was Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. He aided Emperor Gaozu in establishing the Tang Dynasty and overthrowing the Sui Dynasty. Taizong consolidated China’s power after ascending to the throne and inaugurated the Tang Dynasty’s Golden Age.

Growing Up

In the year 598, Emperor Taizong was born in Wugong, China. Li Shimin was his given name. Li Yuan, his father, held a prominent position in the Sui Dynasty army. With an older brother, two younger brothers, and a sister, he grew up at the family’s palace.

Li Shimin started to establish a reputation for himself at a young age. He first learned that the present emperor had been taken prisoner by enemy soldiers when he was just seventeen years old. He joined a band of warriors, fought valiantly, and assisted in the emperor’s rescue.

Dynasty of Tang

The Sui Dynasty’s emperor was a despot and ineffective administrator. The Sui Dynasty was on the verge of disintegrating, as Li Shimin and his father recognized. They successfully concocted a scheme to overthrow the Sui Emperor and install his father as ruler while founding the new Tang Dynasty.

Li Shimin was appointed head general by his father. He helped to solidify his father’s rule by effectively leading the army in numerous engagements against his enemies.

Becoming Emperor

Li Shimin’s elder brother took over the role of crown prince after his father was made the emperor. Li Shimin’s siblings started to worry that he might seek to become emperor as he achieved more victory on the battlefield. They wanted to assassinate Li Shimin and conspired against him. Li Shimin learned about this, though, and was able to murder his brothers instead. A few months later, his father abdicated the throne and Li Shimin succeeded him as Emperor Taizong.

Ruling China

Emperor Taizong made numerous changes to the administration after assuming power. He set up four major government agencies that all answered to him. In contrast to several leaders before him, he listened to his ministers and welcomed criticism from them. He made adjustments if he agreed with their critique.

Emperor Taizong wished to serve his people well and be a worthy ruler. He instituted a brand-new rule known as “equal distribution of land.” Each family was given the opportunity to acquire an appropriate amount of land under this law. In addition, he introduced a new tax structure based on the number of adult males in the household. He made an effort to maintain fair taxation so that people may prosper.

He expanded China while also conquering new territories. China grew under Emperor Taizong to take the lead in Asia and grow to be the biggest country on Earth.

China will enjoy many years of peace and prosperity during Taizong’s administration. He also put in place new laws that made it possible for China to prosper long after his reign was over.


The summer of 649 saw the bad health and death of Emperor Taizong. He dated back to 1951. Li Zhi, his eighth child, succeeded him as Emperor Gaozong.


In China, Emperor Taizong left an enduring legacy. One of the most significant periods in Chinese history was regarded as his reign. Future rulers would study his reign when they were young and would attempt to emulate it once they became emperors.

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